Steel Bar Grating

Steel Bar Grating

For 75 years Nucor Vulcraft has been setting the standard for American-made steel joists, decking, and structural floor systems. Now Vulcraft is stepping it up to a whole new level as the exclusive supplier of Nucor steel bar grating products throughout the U.S.

With 45 offices across the country and a fleet of company-owned trucks at the ready, Vulcraft is well positioned to estimate, detail, manufacture, and deliver standard grating panels quickly and accurately to a location near you. And for those more customized projects, Vulcraft has the expertise to custom fabricate ready-to-install grating in virtually any configuration.

Second to none in service and backed by the Nucor family of quality companies, Vulcraft is America’s one-source for standard, heavy-duty and custom fabricated grating.

Steel Bar Grating

Steel Grating Warehouse

With our strategic network of well-stocked warehouses and fabrication facilities, our products are always readily available. The friendly and knowledgeable staff in our sales, engineering, and drafting departments can take your requirements from structural drawings, to detailed grating drawings, and on to completely fabricated, ready-to-install grating. As both a manufacturer and a fabricator, we offer our customers complete "One Source" solutions for all their grating needs.

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Custom Fabrication

Vulcraft is a full-service grating supplier. All our products are available in either stock panels, or fully fabricated to suit your individual requirements.

Examples of fabrication include:

  • Cutting to size
  • Providing cutouts for penetrations in grating panels
  • Welding banding, kick plate, or nosings to grating
  • Fabricating stair treads
  • Custom additions such as checker plate, lifting handles, and hinges
  • Circular layouts and radial platforms


Our Sales, Engineering, Drafting, and Fabrication departments can take your requirements from structural drawings to detailed grating drawings and on to completely fabricated ready-to-install grating. Armed with the latest technology in computer-aided design and 3-D software applications, Vulcraft is dedicated to continuous improvement and maximizing efficiencies in the detailing process.

Many of today's projects demand just-in-time delivery. Our experienced project managers can effectively coordinate your multi-release schedules to make sure your job site receives the grating it needs, when it needs it. Grating panels are piece marked and clearly identified on our supplied grating drawings to ensure accurate field installation.

As we are both a manufacturer and fabricator of grating, we can offer our customers complete "One Source" solutions for all their grating needs.

Steel Bar Grating Offers Flexibility in Design

From standard and heavy duty steel bar grating panels to custom fabrication, our Design Manual can help take your structural specifications to detailed drawings and on to ready-to-install grating.


How to Select a Grating Solution

Forge-weld bar grating is a process in which the bearing bars and cross rods are permanently forged together by heat and pressure into a single unit construction, resulting in greater strength per pound than mechanically assembled methods. The twisted cross rods provide a non-slip walking surface.

Smooth top metal grating.
Plain Surface Grating
Serrated top metal grating.
Serrated Surface Grating

Grating Solutions:

Vulcraft manufactures a wide variety of steel bar grating including standard, heavy duty and customized shapes and sizes with various finishes making our products suitable for all kinds of applications. Stock products can be supplied quickly from strategically located sales and warehouse facilities. Also, custom grating jobs can be manufactured to very particular requirements by our personnel in either Imperial or Metric measurements.

Our grating products are routinely used in the mining, petroleum, petrochemical, pulp & paper, water treatment, chemical, and power generation industries. They also are used extensively in the transportation industry, including railroad, airport and transport truck, and in the military.

Grating Options:

Standard Duty Grating is the most common type of grating used in the industrial flooring market.

Heavy-Duty Welded Grating has the strength for heavy-duty load areas.

Welded steel stair treads are the most widely used for their strength and ease of installation.

Other options include: Close Mesh, ADA-Compliant, Heel Friendly, and Custom Fabrication.



  • Industrial Flooring
  • Walkways
  • Bridge Decks
  • Trenches
  • Steel Mills
  • Warehouses
  • Chemical Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Agricultural Facilities
  • And Many More...

Standard Steel Bar Grating

Standard Grating Diagram

Standard Duty steel bar grating is the most popular grating product manufactured by Vulcraft. Nearly all sizes in Standard Mesh Type 19-4 (Type 30-102 metric) are readily available in our warehouses or stocked on the shelves of our distributors.

Simplicity in design is surpassed only by its versatility in usage. From mezzanines, platforms, catwalks, and stairs to fences, benches, racking shelves, and ventilation covers, Vulcraft’s Standard Duty steel bar grating is by no means limited to the industrial applications for which it was originally designed.

Available in bare steel, shop primed, or hot dip galvanized.

Heavy Duty Steel Bar Grating

Heavy Duty Steel Grating Diagram

Heavy Duty steel bar grating has the strength for substantially heavy load areas such as airfields, industrial plants, truck and bus terminals, parking lots and railroad yards. Common uses are flooring, driveways, subway and tunnel ventilation grilles, curb inlet grates, ramps, docks, etc.

Standard heavy-duty bar grating is resistance-welded for durability, strength and safety using an automated electric/hydraulic welding process. High temperatures, combined with high pressure, fuse the bearing bars and cross bars together to form a permanent joint.

Stair Tread Grating

Steel Grating Stair Tread Details
Checkered Plate Nosing on Steel Grating Stair Tread
Steel Checkered Plate Nosing
Abrasive Nosing on Cast Aluminum Metal Stair Tread
Cast Aluminum Abrasive Nosing

Welded steel stair treads are the most widely used for their strength and ease of installation and are universally used in most industrial and commercial applications. Both can be ordered with a serrated surface for additional safety.

Rectangular bar stair treads provide a high strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio and are available with a serrated surface when additional safety is required.

How To Order Steel Bar Grating

When ordering or specifying steel bar grating, please confirm:

  • The Type of grating
  • Type 19-4 (Type 30-102 Metric) is Standard
  • Bar Size
  • Grating surface – serrated or plain top
  • Finish – unpainted, shop primer, or hot dip galvanized
  • Style and quantity of fasteners, if required

Example: Vulcraft steel bar grating Type 19-4, 1 1/4 x 3/16 serrated, galvanized

If purchasing fabricated grating, please also confirm:

  • Span Direction (Direction of bearing bars)
  • Area to be covered and method of support
  • Dimensions – indicate whether your dimensions
  • Take clearances into account
  • Indicate any banding, kick plate, or nosing requirements
  • Shipping and tagging instructions


Standard quantity measurements for invoicing

Invoicing area or net area for grating ordered to specific dimensions without drawings will be based on length by width of each panel, with no deductions for cutouts.

For grating supplied from a drawing, the invoicing area shall be on the basis of gross floor area measured out to out of grating, with no deductions for clearances.

Any detailing and/or fabrication of grating by Vulcraft Grating will conform to the ANSI/N.A.A.M.M. Standards.

Field measurement

The Seller shall not be responsible for the actual dimensions of construction work in the field, but shall be responsible for the accurate fabrication of grating and treads in accordance with plans and specifications, if applicable.

Edge Condition Details

Download our grating edge condition details CAD file. Please contact Vulcraft for additional information about edge condition tolerances.

Fastening Methods

Vulcraft offers a number of fasting options.

Vulcraft grating fasteners are designed to attach bar grating to steel structures without the need for drilling or welding. Whether using a Saddle Clip for Standard Duty grating or Welded Lug for Heavy Duty applications, connections can be made in just minutes using simple hand tools. Beyond easy installation, and unlike traditional bar grating attachment methods, our grating fasteners can be removed to allow access to areas below the grating.

Unsure which fastener to choose? Contact one of our experts.

Metal grating fastener - G clip
Metal grating fastener - F10 clip