Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Since the original construction in 2014, this airport never used the top parking deck during the winter. With the growth of air travel, the airport wanted to cover the top level without entirely closing the sides. For long-term protection, along with the structural steel, the final design required all the joists & bridging to be galvanized. With over 600 pieces at 62′-0″ long, the joists were too long for single dip galvanizing, resulting in each joist being fabricated with a custom matched bolted splice at the center. Logistical planning included piece marking system, bundle sizes for galvanizing & erection handling, and shipping sequences.​

Project Specifics

Project Completed: 2016

Steel Fabricator: Builders Iron, Inc.

Architect/Designer: Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc.

Erector: Christman Construction

General Contractor: Pioneer Construction

Vulcraft Products Used: