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Flush Framed Joists

Flush Framed Joists


•Reduction in floor to floor height with full utilization of ceiling to deck envelope
•Simplified deck installation, eliminating blocking between joists
•Girders can be designed deeper and/or composite
•Faster erection
•Easier MEP installation 
•Enhanced floor vibration characteristics
•Eliminates blocking between joists

Using flush framed joists allows you to reduces floor to floor heights since the top of the joists are level with the top of the supporting girder. This also results in easier deck installation, with the deck being able to be laid flat over all the supports. With the girders being at the same elevation as the joists, the girders can be designed compositely, thus allowing for weight and cost savings. The resulting fully composite floor also has enhanced vibration characteristics. Joist installation costs are also reduced since no field welding is required to attach the joists to the girders, and with the ability to space joists further apart fewer joists are required. 


•Flush framed joists should be called in the floor framing detail sections.
•Bearing type connections are recommended unless friction type connections are required. Bearing type connections are less costly to produce and erect. 
•Design Profession is to determine number of bolts for connection. Bolts will always be 1" diameter due to the requied 1" thick knife plate. 
•6’-0” to 13’-4” O.C. are typical joist spacings.