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Vulcraft provides a number of resources to help you efficiently and successfully specify steel joists and deck. Our latest catalogs are listed below. Each catalog can be viewed online, downloaded or ordered where you will receive a hard copy in a few days. If you wish to order a hardcopy, next to each catalog you wish to receive, please indicate the number of copies (up to four each) you wish to receive. Then, simply fill out the contact form to the right and click submit. Thank you for your interest in Vulcraft and please Contact Us if you have any questions or comments.

Joist Catalog

Steel Joists & Joist Girder Systems (Updated to SJI 45th Ed. Standard Specifications) - PDF Download Only

Composite and Non-Composite Floor Joists (PDF Download Only)

Designing with Vulcraft Steel Joists, Joist Girders and Steel Deck 3rd Edition (For Printed Copies, Contact a Vulcraft Sales Rep)

Vulcraft Bridging Guide Based on SJI Specs 44th Edition (PDF Download Only)

Deck Catalog

Vulcraft Deck Solutions ( PDF Download Only)

Vulcraft Deck Solutions - LRFD Supplement ( PDF Download Only)

Vulcraft Deck IAPMO Report (PDF Download Only)

Canadian Catalog

Canada Steel Joists & Joist Girder Systems

Canadian Deck Solutions

Deck Catalog Legacy Information

Steel Roof and Floor Deck 2018 (Out of Print - PDF Download Only)

Legacy Roof Deck Diaphragm Tables (PDF Download Only)

PunchLok II Design Guide & Catalog

Vulcraft Cellular Deck With Composite Stud Tables (PDF Download Only)

Vulcraft Composite Deck With Composite Stud Tables (PDF Download Only)

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