Marriott Condos

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

This five-story beach front condominium project adjacent to the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach is known as 42 Ocean at the Cavalier. This project was originally designed to be a wood structure, but early in the construction bidding process, the project switched the primary structure from wood to Vulcraft’s Ecospan structural floor system supported by cold-formed steel. The switch resulted in a better, stronger and more cost-efficient design.

Project Specifics

Project Completed: 2022

Company: Agent Wall Systems, Inc.

Engineer: Lynch Mykins Structural Engineers

Architect: Cooper Carry Inc.

General Contractor: W.M. Jordan Company

Vulcraft Products Used:


Case Study

Ecospan® helped one customer save over $1M in materials costs and finishing the project 4 months ahead of schedule.


“Ecospan gives owners, developers, and architects another option.” – Jon Walesczyk, Speight, Marshall & Francis