Homewood Suites

Location: Steamboat Springs, CO

This four-story CFS metal wall stud framed building utilizes Vulcraft’s Ecospan Composite Floor System and is unique due to the limited use of red iron steel in its framing. This was made possible by designing the integral concrete load distribution member into the load-bearing walls. In addition, the contractor effectively used “CFS Balloon Framing” on the fourth floor and roof parapet walls.

Project Specifics

General Contractor: Brown Construction

Engineer: Lochsa Engineering

Architect/Designer: Gary Frank, Architectural Group III

Homewood Suites in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is an 87-room, four-story hotel built using Ecospan® and RediCor®.


RediCor® is quicker, more efficient. Stays plumb.”
– Preston Lyons, SNS Iron Works Inc.