Town Center Block 9

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

This stunning mixed-use development in the Town Center area of Virginia Beach houses ground floor retail, restaurants, a performance arts theater, and an 8-story apartment complex tower. The apartment complex floors utilized Vulcraft’s Ecospan™ structural floor system supported by a panelized load-bearing cold-formed metal stud wall system.

Project Specifics

Project Completed: 2017

Steel Fabricator: Agent Wall Systems, Inc.

Architect/Designer: Cox, Kliewer & Company P.C.

Engineer: Speight, Marshall, & Francis P.C.

General Contractor: Armada Hoffler Properties

Vulcraft Products Used:


Case Study

When a project start date slippage meant a potential 4 month delay due to winter, Vulcraft’s Ecospan® Structural Floor System helped get things back on schedule.


“Ecospan gives owners, developers, and architects another option.” – Jon Walesczyk, Speight, Marshall & Francis