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The Simplified, Faster Alternative to Conventional Concrete Core Construction.

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The Simplified, Faster Alternative to Conventional Concrete Core Construction.

RediCor is a factory-built, ready-to-set modular steel form system that simplifies concrete core construction. The structurally true modules stack like building blocks and are ready for concrete once they’re set – saving time and money.

Rapid, Simplified Erection Process

RediCor’s modular steel form system and easy onsite installation allows for our factory-built, ready-to-set modules to be simultaneously stacked for up to several levels, saving time, energy and money.
RediCor cores in the LimeLite Lodge

Modular Construction

  • Factory-built, ready-to-set modules
  • Stacks like building blocks
  • Ensures structurally true cores
  • Several cores can be constructed simultaneously
  • Minimizes costly site time
  • After concrete placement, structurally equivalent to traditional CIP concrete walls of equal thickness

RediCor used on the Riverfront project

Easy On-Site Installation

  • Faster and less labor intensive
  • Optional stair rails can ship inside modules
  • Steel framing can begin prior to concrete being placed
  • Optional stairs provide earlier and safer builder trade access to upper floors
  • Optional embeds and connections reduce poor fit-up and coordination issues among trades

RediCor as a cast in place concrete form

Concrete Cast-in-Place

  • No traditional formwork to set up and strip
  • Modules are ready for concrete once they are set
  • Most of the required rebar comes preinstalled within the module walls
  • Pre-fabricated embeds support a variety of structural connections
  • Shorter cure times for this method of casting concrete

Redicor use with CLT cross laminated timber construction

Cross Laminated Timber Construction

  • Factory-built steel modules maintain near zero-inch tolerances
  • Pre-engineered embeds accelerate CLT connections
  • Modules crane off of truck and into place – just in time


See RediCor® in Action

Watch the installation process from start to
finish at Riverfront, Fort Wayne, IN.

Redicor Riverfront video

RediCor brought it home for
Homewood Suites, Steamboat Springs, CO.

RediCor Homewood Suites video

“I would absolutely recommend RediCor.”
– Killian Buggy, Project Engineer

RediCor Cirrus video

“RediCor should be considered as a primary lateral system.” – Jared Keller, Lochsa Engineering

RediCor video by Lochsa

Factory-Built Features Tailored To Your Project

This innovative construction approach incorporates the higher level of quality and efficiency provided by a specialized factory manufacturing environment, which reduces labor costs and scheduling needs. Also a higher level of jobsite safety is provided through the elimination of the fall hazards inherent in vertical concrete formwork construction methods.

Factory-Built, High Tolerance, All-Steel Construction

All-steel form system constructed with optional vertical and horizontal structural elements designed to support construction loads after placed concrete cures. Structurally equivalent to traditional CIP concrete walls of equal thickness.

Assembling RediCor building cores
Level the Core with the Turn of a Nut

This adjustable nut and bolt system ensures that the first module is level before stacking subsequent modules and placing concrete — saving time and money.

Easily leveling RediCor cores
Optional Preinstalled Connections For Floor And Roof Framing

Optional connections for framing each level can be preinstalled at the factory to save time. Each stack would provide the tools necessary to access the upper floor, start construction, and place concrete as you go. Modules go up with floor framing and do not require stripping. Cores are compatible with steel, concrete and wood framing.

Preinstalled connections for framing
Earlier And Safer Trade Access To Floors

Provides safer, earlier, and more efficient builder trade access to floors, and enhances flexibility of construction sequence scheduling.

Preinstalled stairs providing instant veticality
Structurally True Elevator Shafts

Factory-built, structurally true cores ensure rapid construction of elevator shafts.

Optional Materials Can Be Preinstalled At The Factory

Optional preinstalled stairs
Optional Stairs Shipped in Module

Optional stairs arrive prefabricated inside each module, providing early trade access to the building floors. Optional hand rails can also ship with each module.

Optional connectors
Optional Steel Embeds and Connections

Our steel modules are factory built-to-spec with optional load-bearing vertical and horizontal embeds and connections that are pre-installed to ensure structural framing fits firmly and squarely the first time, every time.

Galvanized, Corrugated Steel Allows For Multiple Finish Options

Galvanized steel surface can be left exposed, painted, or covered with almost any architectural surface material.
Galvanized Corrugated steel

Pre-treated galvanized corrugated steel can be left as is.


Drywall, laminate, etc. can easily be affixed to the corrugated steel ridges.


The pre-treated galvanized steel will accept any standard wall finish.

Drywall attached to Redicor module

See how RediCor® can speed up your next project!

Erection Process Testimonial

"I would love to see every job go with RediCor."
– Preston Lyons, SNS Iron Works

Testimonial by Preston

Erection Process Comparison

Time-lapse video showing the time saving advantage of RediCor’s system vs. conventional building methods.

Comparison video

Homewood Suites Construction

Time-lapse video of the construction of the Homewood Suites Hotel in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

RediCor timelapse


The engineering on RediCor’s pre-fabricated, ready-to-set modular steel form system is well documented. Below you’ll find examples captured in photographs and manuals that demonstrate why the RediCor system is faster, more cost competitive and safer than conventional cast-in-place, pre-cast and masonry methods of core construction.
Introductory Slideshow

Demonstrates the RediCor Modular Steel Form System as the faster, cost competitive, safer and higher quality alternative to conventional cast-in-place, pre cast and masonry methods of core construction.

RediCor Design Manual

Contains information regarding the specification and design of the RediCor Form System. Includes Standard Specification, Connection Details, and what is required to be provided to RediCor by the Engineer and Architect of Record.

Standard Details

Explains how the RediCor ready-to-set modular steel form system is engineered to simplify and accelerate the construction of reinforced concrete stair and elevator core structures.

CAD Blocks for all standard RediCor wall thicknesses.

Revit Details

The RediCor Standard Details in a Revit View format that can be imported and placed into your Revit model. The download contains files for both Revit 2021 and Revit 2022.

Installation Guide

Guidance for installers of the RediCor Form System. This guide must be used in conjunction with RediCor Field Use Drawings for your specific project, because certain installation procedures and limitations vary on a project-by-project basis.

Inspection Guide

This guide is used to complement the specified inspection requirements from the project Contract Drawings. This guide provides an overview of the RediCor Form System which is specifically geared towards the onsite inspector.

Standard Specification Language

Contains Guide Specification in accordance with the SI Construction Specifications Practice Guide, including Master Format, Section Format and Page Format.

Homewood Suites Construction Slideshow

A photo montage of a three story hotel using the RediCor Modular Steel Form System.