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1500 N. Peach

1500 N. Peach

This project is an example of an adaptive re-use of an older building.

The building was originally built to house a seat-belt manufacturing facility. After the initial tenant left, several other short term users occupied the building, with the building ultimately left vacant for several years. The original construction was a panelized wood roof system with a combination of masonry and tilt-up concrete walls.

Due to the diminished condition of the building at the time of its recent purchase, the new owner elected to completely remove the existing roof system and replace it with "American Metal Buildings" structural steel frames. Due to the demands of the real estate market, the original column spacing of 20 feet on center was abandoned for a more leasable 40 feet on center. The roof system consisted of type B steel roof deck placed on Vulcraft steel joists with the joists supported by the steel frames.

The original height of the buildings wall was about 25 feet above the finished floor, but the eave height of the finished structure was increased to 32 feet above finished floor level. This provided a much higher clear height within the building and opened up the possible types of tenants that the building could accommodate considerably.

The design team met with the City early in the project to discuss a practical approach to the re-use of the building. It was agreed that all new components were to be designed in accordance with the current codes; and that the existing shear walls, footings, and transfer connections could be designed using the code provisions that were in effect at the time of the buildings original design. The cooperation of the building department was critical to the design team's ability to use many of the existing structural elements in the overall design of this project.

Job Specifics

Location: Freson, Califonia

Entrant/Consulting Engineer: Brooks Ransom Associates

Engineer: Gaylord Ransom

General Contractor: Style-Line Construction