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CorTek Old


CorTek™ is a stay-in-place modular form system, engineered to simplify and accelerate the construction of reinforced concrete stair and elevator core structures.


•   Factory-built, high tolerance, all-steel construction

•   Rapid, simplified erection procedure

•   Reinforcement steel is pre-installed at the factory

•   Stairs are pre-installed at the factory, providing early trade access to the building floors

•   The form system can support limited construction loads prior to placement of concrete

•   Connections for floor and roof framing are pre-installed

•   Compatible with steel, concrete and wood framing

•   Structurally equivalent to 8" - 12" CIP concrete wall

•   CorTek modules go up with floor framing

•   CorTek modules do not require stripping

•   Corrugated steel surface can be left exposed, painted, or covered with almost any architectural surface material

Free up site schedule and resources by modularizing core off site in a specialized factory set up for quality and efficiency:

•   Stay-in-place modular form system for concrete core structures

•   Factory built modules stack like building blocks

•   Custom-built to the specific requirements of each project

Faster, Safer, Higher Quality and Cost Competitive:

•   Framing does not wait for cores

•   Immediate presence of stairs allows trades early and safe access to structure

•   Elimination of many dangerous field operations

•   Reduction of poor fit-up and coordination programs among trades

•   Cost comparable to conventional cast concrete

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